Saturday, March 31, 2018

End of the Year Wrap Up

Finished the year with some fun happenings. 

Motown with Tia, Karen and Shane.  Fun night with the crew
 Fall Ball

Academy in New Orleans.  Scott joined for the fun and thankful my dad could watch Josh again.  Fun trip with nice weather. While most of my days were spent in the conference hall and walking the halls getting blisters, we did arrive a day early (for the FDA study party) and were able to visit the WW2 museum.  AMAZING!  Scott managed to get in a round at TPC New Orleans and we both ate too much food, but it was soo good. 

 Found on my run in NoLa
 Begging for food.... all year round
 Thanksgiving at Nana and Pop Pops

 Harry Potter Themed Baby Shower
 25K with friends that had carmelized bacon on the course... I swear it was heaven on earth

Lucy as a therapy dog in a nursing home... it was about as a cute as could be!

 Christmas Eve Museum Crawl - Loved seeing some of our favorites

Christmas Dinner on my family's plates.  SO happy to have them and have many more holidays with them!  Basketball with Northridge Prep.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Memphis, TN

Quick trip to Memphis to celebrate Scott's longtime friend, Nick, getting hitched.  Never been to Memphis so was excited to check out the sites.  Aside from the wedding, the highlight was, hands down, The Civil Rights Museum.  To say it changed my life sounds dramatic but it is probably true.  Being reminded of what equality means and how far we have come, and how far we have to go, was penetrating to my soul.  The museum was housed in the Motel where Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated (see above) and educated guests on the history of inequality of this country and movements that are working towards a more equal America.  Highly recommend to anyone!


We skipped Graceland but hit up Beale Street, drank overpriced root beer floats, visited Sun Studios (birthplace of Rock N Roll) , heard some free live music and ran in a large forest preserve.  It was a great two nights celebrating love, friendship and being reminded of "today's global civil and human rights issues and being inspired for thoughtful debate and be a catalyst for positive social change."  While I am no pioneer, I was reminded that, for me, that starts in the home and I hope to never forget what I learned. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fall and Ocean City

Love the Fall season... gets us back on schedule, great weather and a pause before the holiday mayhem.  Josh started 7th grade and takes advantage of the school being so close.  He walks many days.  Lucy got in a few 5K's over the fall and always is a favorite with the kids at races.  She also demands a 2 day vacation after a 5K by plopping on the bean bag and refusing to move due to her previous strenuous activity!

We managed a quick trip to Ocean City in the fall to see my family.  We got some cheap flights and enjoyed our regular fun which included boardwalk fun, surrey rides, pizza, ice cream and beach time.  Always a fun time doing the things we enjoy and love that Ryan and I can share it with our kids.

Biking the boards

Escape Room Success
I also squeezed in a half ironman (Ironman Atlantic City) which was very redeeming considering that same race made me hate that distance 2 years prior.  A poor bike fit and rough day made for a horrible mental and physical experience for me a few years ago.  So much so, that I took a year off from the distance in 2016.  However, I came back and took it on in 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a good time for me.  But more importantly, I enjoyed the entire thing, my bike fit felt good and made some friends along the way.  Loved having my family and parents at the finish line!  Great way to celebrate the sport!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bar Harbor Maine, Acadia National Park, St Andrews Canada

We were fortunate to do a lot of traveling in 2017.  This trip came in as my second favorite with Italy as my first.  We made this trip as a tri-cation with REV3 having a triathlon in St Andrews Canada.  For any triathlete friends, DO THIS RACE!  It is a perfect excuse to see a beautiful part of the world and for those that are urbanites, a perfect reason to slow down and enjoy a more laid back vacation.  We flew into Bangor and rented our car.  Our plan was:  St Andrews then Bar Harbor.  After we landed we needed to grab some food and found the Friar's Bakehouse thanks to Yelp.  It was run by actual Friars with simple/inexpensive meals.  They had a small brewery and their bakehouse to support them and it was awesome food. The bakehouse was kindof stuck in the 1980's and there were articles everywhere explaining the history of the bakehouse. We sat with others and ate with some locals.  Loved finding this place that was not something I would have naturally picked.  A fun experience for all of us.

Crossed the border only for Josh to be annoyed he didn't get his passport stamped!  We rolled into the Algonquin resort just to have our room ready.  The resort was beautiful and probably the prettiest we have stayed at with that kind of feel.  The grounds were palatial and gave a resort with dogs to greet you at the door!  We played golf the first day we were there and ate dinner with tri friends before the glow run.  Rev3 has always been a family friendly event production and it fun to share in the weekend events with Josh.  They had a kids race as well but Josh passed as they originally slated the oldest kids to swim a half of mile and he felt that was too long!  

Saturday, before race day, we went out and explored the town.  You can walk to the downtown area which is adorable and quaint.  We opted to do a whale watching tour on a "pirate-like" ship which didn't disappoint.  It was freezing once you got out on sea and happy they provided jackets.  We were able to see a few whales and also saw the lighthouse they used in the original Pete's Dragon.  Loved that movie when I was kid and cool to see it in person.  The thing is in the middle of no where!

Raceday was so easy with transition right outside the front door and the finish line viewable from our window.  I opted for the sprint with a borrowed bike from my friend's 11 year old daughter: Flurry!  For a sprint, it was perfect and definitely better than the cost of shipping mine.  Per usual, didn't know much about the course going into the race and found two major surprises.  1. The bike was hilly and 2.  There was a half mile upward climb from the swim exist back to the transition!.... BLAH!  Scott got me in all my glory chugging back up the hill! The run looped around the point of the peninsula.  Finished my race and took some time with the fam before heading out with the final finisher.  I volunteered to do that (one of my favorite things as a team member) and did the last 8 miles with the last racers on the course.  We are simply there to provide encouragement and someone to talk (or not talk) to.  The racers I was with at this race were talkers and it was so much fun to get to know both of them.  The ultimate final finisher and I shared a teary hug after she crossed which meant a lot to me as I knew I was probably going to relinquish my spot on the team the following year.

How graceful... 
See that speck on the water.. that is a swim buoy.  Taken the night before race day. 

 After the race, we said goodbye to St Andrews and made our way back to the states to Bar Harbor Maine.  We have heard great things about "Bah Haabah" and Acadia National Park so wanted to check it out.  We stayed in an adorable family run in with beautiful views of the Harbor.  Scott was able to golf at the oldest course in Maine while Josh and I ventured out for a run.  From our hotel, we saw this island people walking towards and wanted to check it out.  It ended up being a 5 mile round trip that proved to be pretty entertaining because the tides overtook the gravel path during certain times of the day.  They had all of these signs warning people it was a $300 water taxi if they got stuck on the island.  We managed by slipping off our shoes and wading through the freezing water.

The rest of the days were spent in Acadia.  It was beautiful there.  We were able to stand on the tallest Eastern point of the US, hike some nice trails, canoe and see some untouched eastern seaboard. While I will never get Scott to move more north, I love Maine and its vibe.  I also love their accents.  It was a wonderful family trip and looking forward to Yosemite in 2018 on the other side of the country.