Sunday, August 21, 2016

July in Pictures

Lucy Road Tripping to Lake Geneva with Scott and I for Scott's co-workers wedding
Got to see Dave Matthews while in Wisconsin
Lucy and I ran a 5K on the property.. she was so good in the hotel even by herself.  I was a bit nervous but she did great
Scott got to golf twice on the resort!
Beautiful outdoor wedding!
Fun reception!

July 4th Run with Jen
Feeling patriotic
Sponge Bob musical with josh.  last minute 2nd row tickets.. score!

Rock and Roll Half with the ladies

I got a PR!!! Yeah!
Korean food with friends... Josh ate a whole fish for $5
Sunday dinner with friends
Lucy and Josh slacking while we managed a very small amount of water in our basement.

Newsies to finish the month.. 2 plays in a month, LOVE IT!

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