Sunday, January 22, 2017


This past October Scott received a promotion with Chase.  It was great timing as he was growing out of his former role and he was ready for another challenge.  He turned down a position last year at another bank and so far, I believe the wait is worth in.  It was a 2 step promotion and he is actually training in NYC now for the second step.

Since neither of us travel often for work, when i heard he was going to NYC, my natural reaction was to invite josh and i along.  Booked a combo hotel and flight package and we were off!  This was only Josh's 2nd or 3rd time to NYC and the last one was for the marathon where that was the main focus.   So, we decided to make this a "Josh planned trip."  It kindof killed me inside not to set the plans but we asked Josh what he wanted to do and went with it.

We stayed downtown by 1WTC and Oculus.  We had great views from our room that had two sep sleeping spaces that was nice for josh and us to have some space. Nice to give him some space when he wants it and we aren't on top of each other all the time.

Main highlights were:  Statue of Liberty where we climbed the pedastal, Ellis Island, St Patricks, visiting Hamiltons grave and Josh's favorite... TIMES SQUARE!  (UGh!)   Funny to see Times Square through the eyes of an 11 year old and find it quite ironic that was his fav.  We even got a picture with a costumed group of avengers (with costumes that were walmart specials).  Gack!  But, we still had an awesome time and loved making the spontaneous trip!

Cheers to Scotts next chapter!

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