Thursday, May 04, 2017

Josh turns 12

It seems like just yesterday that our baby was born .. and now he is 12!!!!   I feel like every year we debate it we will do a party... decide we aren't going to..  say we will just have a few friends over/take them to dinner and then realize that it will cost the same as a party... get lazy and just pay to have it somewhere where we can just show up... party and go home with no clean up. 

We booked Hot Ground Gym sight unseen which was a little risky and walking into the small gym, i was concerned if I made the right decision.  After 90 sweaty minutes and the kids telling us and their parents they loved it, I think we made the good choice!   Run by former military, the workers really provide structure for the kids while having fun, working as a team and helping them regardless of their abilities. 

No one got hurt, Josh was able to cut the cake with a sword and have his buddies there to celebrate with him!  Thinking about him being in our lives for 12 years is definitely a mind warp... it feels like yesterday but forever ago.. but one thing is for certain  -->  we are better because of him. 

I am excited to see what these coming tween years will bring.  Sure there will be some tears (from him/me/both) and yelling along the way, but look forward to him continue to mature and develop into a young man!

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