Saturday, March 31, 2018

End of the Year Wrap Up

Finished the year with some fun happenings. 

Motown with Tia, Karen and Shane.  Fun night with the crew
 Fall Ball

Academy in New Orleans.  Scott joined for the fun and thankful my dad could watch Josh again.  Fun trip with nice weather. While most of my days were spent in the conference hall and walking the halls getting blisters, we did arrive a day early (for the FDA study party) and were able to visit the WW2 museum.  AMAZING!  Scott managed to get in a round at TPC New Orleans and we both ate too much food, but it was soo good. 

 Found on my run in NoLa
 Begging for food.... all year round
 Thanksgiving at Nana and Pop Pops

 Harry Potter Themed Baby Shower
 25K with friends that had carmelized bacon on the course... I swear it was heaven on earth

Lucy as a therapy dog in a nursing home... it was about as a cute as could be!

 Christmas Eve Museum Crawl - Loved seeing some of our favorites

Christmas Dinner on my family's plates.  SO happy to have them and have many more holidays with them!  Basketball with Northridge Prep.

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