random facts about US

scott (from nic's perspective as he refuses to share)
  1. is much neater than you think
  2. does most of the laundry
  3. bothered by my Lack of punctuation and Improperly capitalizing words while ignoring ones that Should be capital
  4. is not as laid back as everyone thinks he is... yes, he can get mad... really mad.
  5. is a very kind and thoughtful husband (most of the time)
  6. humors is wife and even will run an occasional race with her
  1. is not as neat as you might think and i have many OCD tendencies that keep me sane
  2. i keep my closet color coordinated but refuse to close drawers
  3. watches way too much reality tv
  4. has been quoted during "disagreements" saying to scott.. "don't think using legal terms will help you in this argument"
  5. sometimes has issues with not multitasking
  6. makes attempts at endurance sports
  1. has a pension for organization
  2. is a lover not a fighter
  3. recently told on a kid stating (verbatim per the counselor) - "a boy told me he was going to kill me which is completely inappropriate"
  4. loves spending time with his dad
  5. humors his mom and does what she asks (most of the time)
  6. is hoping he can be a professional football player... or a veterinarian if that doesn't work out