US at the moment

we have been living in the chicago area since 2004. scott is currently attending Loyola University's JD/MBA program while working for JPMorgan Chase.  i, nic, work full time and am still trying to find that perfect blend of family/work/spirituality and culture.  i make a pitiful attempt to be an endurance athlete to allow for my true passion.. eating! here is a link to my hobbies blog if you are interested and/or bored. 

this blog is our family journal.  yes, we do have rough days/weeks and even the occasional month slump but relatively speaking, life is good and we are grateful for all that we have. don't fret though, i document my ranting and negative diatribes to my handwritten journal and conversations with scott :)  occasionally, a rant might sneak its way on to the blog.

we hope to expand our family but in the meantime... life with three is great as can be!